Learn Online Poker Betting Cycle to Win Real Money

Poker is commonly known as a classic casino game that is hard to learn and exciting to win. Because of its winning opportunity and excitement, most players once in their life tried their hands at poker. Now poker is a strategy-based game that you can win if you learn the rules properly and practise a lot.

Though earlier poker games were not easily available for everyone who wanted to try their hands at it, online casino sites like fairplay make them available for us. Any player can play this devil’s game right from their comfort zone. Those who are experienced know that poker is all about strategy and smartness. But when it comes to beginners, they often get confused with the rules and regulations belonging to the online poker game. Here are some points that will help you to learn the online poker betting cycle, which will help you win some real cash.

Poker Betting Cycle-


There are multiple poker games practised by players worldwide, most of which share identical betting formations and table positions. That means your strategy will work no matter what game you play or what site you are using.

Poker is a table game where the players pitch the chips in the pot before the dealer starts dealing hands with the players. Now there is a steady risk for every player before the first deal. That is why the first bet is forced on the players. Now the player on the dealer’s right side starts with a small blind and the player sitting right next to the first player places a big one. And that is how your table game started moving.

Betting Order- Now, as we said, most poker games follow the same rule, and there is a strong position that the “Blinds System” holds. After the game starts with the small and big blind, the other players sitting at the table follow the same order in a clockwise manner.

Now a few games also follow the bring-in and antes system, which is a forced bet and cannot be skipped by any player. In the bring-in system, the player with the weakest face-up should act first. And these games also have a clockwise manner.

Basic of Poker- There are four actions that players can choose to do when their turn comes. However, two other bettings are also present that you can use during the bet. The four main actions are- “Bet”, “Call”, “Raise”, and “Fold”.

Bet is the first action the player can choose to place in the first round. This action is completely optional.

  • Call- This action refers to a position where players try to match the betting amount to the former bet. However, many players also use the action to raise the round.
  • Raise- In each betting round, there is the highest bet present, and when a player takes a higher bet than the highest one in that very round, it is called a “Raise”. Now it is a tricky way to force the opponent to put more chips in the pot.
  • Folds- Fold occurs when you leave the pot and push your cards toward the centre. This particular action is practised by a player when their winning is not confirmed, or their hand is not strong.
  • Check- You can forward the action to the next player with this particular action.
  • All-in- This action occurs when you put all your chips in the pot for the final call.
  • Check Raise- With the help of the Check Raise action, you can forward your betting to the next player and then raise yours during the same betting.

Limits of betting- Now limit completely depends on the site where you play poker. But most online casinos, like fairplay, follow three limits: “No-limit”, “Pot-limit”, and “Fixed-limit”. In “No-limit”, you can place any amount during the bet. “Pot-limit” is decided by the dealer before the game starts. “Fixed-limit” also follows the same process. And every limit follows a different rule.

Forced Betting- There are two important parts: blinds and antes. These actions are practised by Texas hold ’em and Omaha Players.

Poker Chips- Here, the game does not continue with the cash. Players get an equivalent amount of chips for their money.

Final Words-


That is a quick view of online poker. But knowing about the information is not enough if you are a beginner. You have to understand all the rules and the process first. However, the best way to learn poker is by practising the game on casino games sites like fairplay.